Blooms Flower Studio
1220 W State Street 
Boise, Idaho 83702

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Monday thru Friday 9AM - 6PM

Saturday 10AM - 3PM

Closed Sunday

Wild and Free


A playful blend of wildflowers, greens and whimsical details, our "Wild and Free" is created in a 17-inch cedar box, that is locally made and can be reused for crafts or organizational purposes!  A perfect pick for your modern flower child who cares as much for the environment as they do beauty!


Choose Standard, Deluxe or Premium options to increase the density of premium flowers included in your "Wild and Free" arrangement!


To care for your arrangement, add water daily! Flowers are designed into floral oasis and it should feel wet to the touch and increased the longevity of your arrangement!

Color Palette
Floral Choice & Density
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